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ILMergeGui supports drag and drop of files and directories (mixed and recursive). It also searches the file system (and registry) for well known locations of .NET frameworks and ILMerge.exe. Only installed frameworks can be chosen.

ILMergeGui also supports saving and loading of settings and has command-line support (a filename of a *.ilproj file and optionally a /merge switch that forces a immediate execution of the merge after files have been loaded).

Support for various compact .NET versions are not implemented (yet).

ILMergeGui supports ILRepack besides ILMerge. Please note that ILRepack does only support a fraction of the .Net Frameworks. As ILRepack comes without installer, it has to be either on the path or in the directory where ILMergeGui is installed (including its four Mono Assemblies).

ILMergeGui is available as a Click-Once installer, as Portable version or as source code.

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rshahid121 Mar 26, 2014 at 12:32 PM 
Thanks for providing wonderful utility.