Graphical interface to the Microsoft ILMerge utility. Makes it merging multiple .NET assemblies easy and hassle-free.

Note: Since a couple of days, some virus scanners give a false positive 'gen:variant.strictor.69196'.

New ILMergeGUI version 2.0.7 available!


  1. Added automatic creation of output directory.
  2. Added default<T> return to GetProperty if invoked value was null.
  3. Added generated command-line examples.
  4. Error message when merge tool does not support selected framework.

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Previous Changelog:

  1. Updated the portable version to show a message when the project file specified on the command line is missing.
  2. Added support for IlRepack (workitem 8746).
  3. Changed behavior of save menuitem.
  4. Added support for .Net 4.5
  5. Cleaned code.
  6. Added menuitem for manual check of Click-Once updates.
  7. Added menuitem to visit website.
  8. Changed frequency and timing of automated Click-Once update checks.
  9. Added Offline/Portable version.
  10. Added commandline option ( [ /Merge ] [ /? ] <ilproj filename> )
  11. Added new switches to ilproject file.
  12. Register file type (and the verbs 'open' and 'merge') for commandline usage. For successfull registration, ilmergegui has to be run elevated once on systems with UAC enabled.
  13. Fixed workitem 8741.
  14. Added Internalize support.
  15. Added support for merging XmlDocumentation.
  16. Added version number to main form (should be 2.0.4 for this release).
  17. Updated click-once installer.
  18. Fixed merging assemblies into a dll.
  19. Rewrote in C#
  20. Added Drag&Drop Support (files and directories)
  21. Search for .NET Frameworks
  22. Search for ILMerge.exe
  23. x64 support
  24. .NET 4.0 support
  25. Save and loading of project settings
  26. Automatic suggestion of primary assembly
  27. Bugfixes
  28. Commandline support (filename and /merge switch)

Relation to the ILMerge tool
The ILMerge team has no direct relations to this project. So please if you have a question related to ILMerge itself, ask them. And if you have a question about this GUI, just post an issue or open a discussion.

The official ILMerge website is now:

ILMerge can be downloaded from

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